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RIPM e-Library of Music Periodicals
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What is the RIPM e-Library?
The RIPM e-Library of Music Periodicals is a collection of rare full-text music journals not available in any library. It serves as a supplement to the RIPM Retrospective Index and the RIPM Online Archive.

How can I access the e-Library?
Either throught the “widget” which appears beside search results in the RIPM Index on EBSCOHost, or, directly via

Who has access to the e-Library?
Those who subscribe to the RIPM Online Archive. Those who subscribe to the RIPM Index only do not have access.

What does it cost?
All current subscribers to the RIPM Online Archive and those subscribing to the Archive in 2013 and 2014 will receive the e-Library at no additional cost for two subscription years.

Why another full-text tool from RIPM?
To meet the needs of scholars, librarians, and musicians, RIPM has created the e-Library to increase the numbers of full-text journals available. See for a complete explanation.

What can be found in the e-Library?
The initial release has 25 titles including a number of major, “monumental” journals. A complete title list can be found here:

How is the e-Library different from the RIPM Index and Online Archive?
Access to the e-Library’s content is based upon optical character recognition (OCR) technology which transforms pictures of letters on scanned pages into searchable text. This technology provides access to all words, but it does not provide information concerning the context in which the search term(s) appears. This context is supplied in the RIPM Index through the annotations.

Must I search the RIPM Index and RIPM e-Library separately?
When searching on the EBSCOHost platform, a “widget” will appear with your search results which identifies the number of search results found in the e-Library for the same search terms. Users can click on the link in the widget and be taken to the e-Library’s results. An effort is being made to integrate these two independent systems into a single interface.

Will the e-Library be updated?
Yes, the e-Library will be updated multiple times per year. Users will be notified of new content.

How do I: Search? Sort Results? Download PDFs? (All technical questions)
Please refer to the Help document, available at the top of each e-Library screen or directly from

Other questions not listed here
Please feel free to email questions to