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KATY ROMANOU (1939-2020) taught musicology at the University of Athens, the Greek Open University and the Athens Conservatory of Music. Her research focused on recent Greek music history.

She is the author of several volumes (written in Greek): Wandering National Music : Greek Music Periodicals as a Source for the Research of Neohellenic Music (2 volumes, Cultura: Athens, ); History of Neohellenic Art Music (Cultura: Athens, ); The Music Library of Corfú’s Philharmonic Society (Cultura: Athens, ); Greek Music in the Olympic Games and the ‘Olympiades’: (Ministry of Culture/Cultura: Athens, ); Art Greek Music in Modern Times (Cultura: Athens, ). Her articles have appeared in many Greek and foreign periodicals, and she has contributed chapters to collective publications.

Dr. Romanou was responsible for a joint research project between Greece (University of Athens) and Serbia (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts), entitled “A Comparative Study of Serbian and Greek Art Music.” She is the editor of Aspects of Greek and Serbian Music (Nicolaides Publishing: Athens, ), a collective trilingual publication by members of the project’s two teams.

Katy Romanou received a Masters degree in musicology from Indiana University and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Athens. She was a music critic for the daily newspaper He Kathemerine (), and is on the editorial boards of the Greek periodicals Musicologia and Polyphonia.