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The Musical Journal

(Philadelphia, PA, 1867)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2023)

Periodicity: Monthly

Publisher: Sep. Winner & Co.

Editor: Alice Hawthorne

The house organ of the Philadelphia music publisher, songwriter, and businessman Septimus Winner, The Musical Journal claimed to be edited by “Alice Hawthorne.” According to the Historical Society of Philadelphia, this was a pseudonym employed by Winner, derived from the name of his mother and the nineteenth-century American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne.[1] Winner is perhaps best known for the popular song “Listen to the Mocking Bird” (1855), composed utilizing a melody by an African-American street musician, Richard Milburn, and arranged by Winner. This song was published under the name of Alice Hawthorne.

The Musical Journal contains miscellaneous musical news, anecdotes, and poetry. Each issue contains three or four musical works, largely works for piano or songs, published by Winner. A number of works are published under Hawthorne’s name, though some list Winner as arranger. Only twelve issues appear to have been published. No reason is provided for the journal’s cessation.


[1] Historical Society of Philadelphia, “Background note” for Collection 1536, Septimus Winner papers.