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(Zagreb, 1893)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2013)

Editor: Vjenceslav Novak

Periodicity: Monthly

Publisher: Knjižara Lavoslava Hartmana

Language: Croatian

"Nevertheless, as soon as Gusle ceased publication, Vjenceslav Novak started a new journal entitled Glazba [Music], a "Journal for Sacred and Secular Music and the Dramatic Arts," the "Organ of the Croatian Choral Federation." Following the example set by Gusle, Glazba published articles on aesthetics, teaching methods, music theory, on the Croatian National Theatre, and on music in Croatia. Unlike its predecessors, however, it did not include historical or ethnomusicological articles. The piano compositions, solo songs and choral and chamber works which it published were similar to those published in Gusle. After a life-span of one year, Glazba ceased publication in 1893." 

Zdravko Blažeković, "The first music journals in Croatia", Periodica musica 4 (Spring 1986): 12.

See also Josip Andreis, "The first musical journals in Croatia", Arti musices: Hrvatski muzikološki zbornik 2 (Special issue, 1979), pg. 125-26.