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The Musical Observer

(New York, 1907-1931)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2017)

Publisher: Carl Fischer

Editor: Gustav Saenger

Periodicity: Monthly

"Carl Fisher, Inc. had always provided the standard materials for music education, and since 1909, it had published The Musical Observer, subsequently known as The Musical Courier, a monthly journal for musicians and teachers. However, it was to increase its activities in this area during the 1920s. Particularly under Walter Fischer, who became President after the passing of his father in 1923, the house concentrated on the publication of easy arrangements of the great Masters and of updated manuals to replace the standard hypertechnical ones prevailing until then, and on encouraging the growing number of composers who were directing their creativity toward the expanding market in music education."

Susana F. Hertz, “The Carl Fisher Story,” American Music Teacher 22, no. 4 (Feb./Mar. 1973): 22.