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La Batuta

(Mexico City, 1874)

Prepared by Alejandro González
Online only (2009)

Five four-page issues of La Batuta. Revista de la semana [BAU] were published in Oxaca, Mexico from 28 May until 26 June 1874, under the editorship of F. J. Carriedo. The articles are signed with pseudonyms such as “Romeo,” “Alceo,” “El Fagot” and “El Tambor,” or are unsigned, while a poem is attributed to one Manuel S. Ramírez. Each issue is divided into two parts: (1.) a review of one or more Italian operas being performed at the local Teatro de Oxaca, and (2.) miscellaneous columns entitled “Gacetilla,” “Variedades” and “Remitidos,” and occasionally poetry. The operatic performances feature both extracts and complete performances of works by Donizetti, principally Lucia di Lammermoor and Maria de Rohan, Hernani and I Masnadieri by Verdi, and Norma by Bellini. The performances are occasionally enriched by instrumental compositions such as a fantasia on operatic themes. Among the singers are Elisa d’Aponte and Luisa Marchetti (sopranos), Egisto Petrilli (baritone) and Felipe Mancini (bass). The miscellaneous sections deal with the activities of singers, the behavior of the audiences concerning smoking and eating during performances, and rules about the admission of backstage visitors.

Copies of the journal were obtained from the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. A copy of the fourth issue could not be found.