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Neue musikalische Presse

(Vienna; Leipzig, 1895-1908)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2017)

Publisher: Vienna, Leipzig: Bosworth and Co., 1903-1908

Printers: Vienna: Guberner & Hierhammer, 1895-1903; Leipzig: G. Reusche, 1904-1908

Editors: Franz Wagner, Carl Kratochwill, Jacob Gratzl, Arthur Smolian, F. Motz, Viktor von Lukáts

Periodicity: Weekly

Continues: Internationale Musik- und Instrumenten-Zeitung (Vienna, 1892); Internationale Musik-Zeitung (Vienna, 1892-1895), neither yet available in RIPM.

Lacunae: A copy of vol. 16 (1907) could not be obtained. A copy of Vol. 18 (1909) could not be located.

Neue musikalische Presse. ... founded in 1892 and appearing every Sunday, with the supplement Musikinstrumenten-Zeitung. It generally featured a front-page photograph of a noted composer or performer and sometimes even a writer on music. It does not give the name of a chief editor, but its writers included many notable critics on other journals, among them Robert Hirschfeld, Gustav Schoenaich, and Ludwig Karpath, as well as others such as Anton Kratsmáry who do not seem to have written for the general press. In addition to general articles on music, items of musical news, and reviews of concerts in Vienna, it contained reports from correspondents in Budapest (Viktor von Herzfelf), Berlin (Rudolf Fiege), Prague (Viktor Joss), Dresden (Carl Söhle), and London (Kalman Roth-Ronay). Because of its weekly (as opposed to twice monthly) publication it is the richest source of information among the specialist journals.”

Sandra McColl, Music Criticism in Vienna 1896-1897 (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1996): 12-13.