RIPM: Acknowledgements

RIPM Online Archive of Music Periodicals:


We gratefully acknowledge two successive two-year grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities that supported software development, equipment purchases, personnel costs, and ultimately, the research necessary to create the RIPM Online Archive of Music Periodicals (Full Text). Without this core funding it is very difficult to imagine the successful completion of this expansive undertaking and very easy to imagine its collapse and ultimate failure.

Those whose teaching and scholarship will be enhanced by the documentary resources available in the RIPM Online Archive of Music Periodicals (Full-Text), owe an immense debt of gratitude to the Endowment as do those who brought this project to fruition.

Those who Helped

The following individuals have contributed to the creation of the Archive by supplying technical know-how and skilled labor in areas ranging from digitization to hardware and software, from web delivery to LANs, from music bibliography to page layout, from conservation to preservation packing, from digitizing to verifying, cleaning up and zoning images, from saying “yes” with enthusiasm when a title was requested, from saying “no” with an equal amount of enthusiasm when we appeared to be going down the wrong road, from last-minute scanning and emailing of missing page from a distant library to welcoming us warmly upon visiting a collection, from keeping our many and complex files to offering us legal and business advice, from offering us a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or something stronger depending upon the level of our momentary distress.

Each person is acknowledged with sincere appreciation for their individual contribution. If RIPM with its small staff has managed to accomplish an undertaking of this magnitude, each of those cited below has contributed in a special and significant way. Without their collective contribution, the RIPM Online Archives of Music Periodicals (Full-Text) would have remained but an entry on our discipline’s desiderata list.

Bob Acker
Betty Aumen
Dmitiry Barash
Vladimir Barrera
Patricia K Baughman
Lotfi Belkhir
Màrius Bernadó
Esperanza Berrocal
Craig Brandt
George Boziwick
Alice Carli
Jeanette Casey
Liesbeth Hoedemaeker
Marcello Conati
Ruth Carver
Kendall Crilly
P. T. Dehreendra
Anu Dürr
David Day
Manuel DeBrito
Linda Bowyer
Mary Davidson
Fred Dürr
Jan Dewilde
Maggie Dimock
Johan Eeckeloo
Emily Ferriagno
Jim Farrington
Lee Eiseman
Matt Fenlon
Paul Friedman
Denise P.Gallo
Jane Gottlieb
Alan Green
Joost Van Gemert
Richard Griscom
Lane Harder
Bill Hansman
Craig Hanson
Vezlemöy Heintz
Stephen Henry
D. J. Hoek
Charles Kolb
Christine Korff
Hanneke Kuiper
Harish Kulkarni
János Kárpáti
Richard Kitson
Sudheer Reddy Koppula
Anders Lönn
Rebecca Laird
Suzanne Lovejoy
Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie
Steve Marshall
Constance Meyer
Nancy McGovern
Borden Mills
Barbara Nikiporczyk
Betsy Nelson
Eleanor Naiman
Irvin Naiman
Socorro Ortega
Bob Ploskunak
Emilia Rassina
Katy Romanou
Oya Rieger
Jessica Renfro
Vashti Gray Sadjedy
Mary Scott
Anjani Kumar Singh
Jirka Stybnar
Keith Vinson
Susan H. Vita
Michael Tepper
Randi L. Trzesinski
John Wagstaff
Carol Wilczewski
Ted Webb
Stephen Griffin Yusko
Dan Zager
Frits Zwart