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RIPM’s editorial headquarters—which functions with the collaboration of the Center for Studies in Nineteenth Century Music of the University of Maryland—is located in Charles Village, Baltimore, in close proximity to the Johns Hopkins University, Milton Eisenhower Library, Baltimore Museum of Art, Peabody Conservatory, Walters Art Gallery and numerous restaurants and cafés. The Center is approximately a 25 minute drive from the Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI), and a five minute drive from Baltimore’s Pennsylvania Railroad station.

Housed in a restored early twentieth-century building, the Center’s modern office consists of a large open workspace, a conference area, a kitchenette, a technology lab, and space for servers and storage.

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H. Robert Cohen
Founding Director
Benjamin Knysak
Executive Editor
Richard Kitson
Senior Editor Emeritus
Nicoletta Betta
Senior Editor (Bologna)

Victoria Clark
Digital Librarian
Nathan Cornelius
Digital Projects Assistant
James Warner Duquette
Research Assistant
Matt Fenlon
Technical Advisor and Webmaster
Jonathan Graybill
Digitization Assistant
Ruth Henderson (New York)
Regular Contributor, English-language Periodicals
Katerina Kotar
Research Assistant
Jeremy Lyons
Digital Projects Coordinator
Justin Nurin
Subscriptions Manager
Natalia Ostroumova / Наталья Остроумова (Moscow)
Regular Contributor, Russian Periodicals
Cameron Raecke
Technical Assistant
Elvidio Surian (Pesaro)
Regular Conrtibutor, Italian and English-Language Periodicals
Peter Sühring (Bornheim and Berlin)
Regular Conrtibutor, German-Language Periodicals
Ana Uribe Law
Research Assistant
Natalia Vilchis
Research Assistant
Elise Volkmann
Research Assistant
Shuang Wang 王双
Research Assistant